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What is a webinar? Webinar is short for web-based seminar.  A webinar is a live and interactive 45  minute seminar that will allow you to listen to the presenter, and follow along while viewing the presenter’s slide show presentation, and ask questions.

What happens during a webinar?  

The attendee will dial a conference call line for the audio portion of the webinar and you will receive a link and login to the website for the visual portion.  You will listen to the speakers and view the presentation.  At some point during the webinar the speaker will open the phone lines for questions.  (Click here for more information about how to ask a question during a webinar is below.)

What equipment do I need to participant in a webinar? All you need is a telephone line to access the audio portion of the webinar and a computer with a separate Internet connection to access the visual portion.  
Will Mac users be able to access webinars?

Absolutely. www.anymeeting.com  product is web based and is compatible with all operating systems inclucind Mac.

What type of downloads are required for me to be able to participate in a webinar?  None, our webinars never require any downloads and are compatible with all operating systems.

How many people can participate in a webinar?  

Each registrant will receive one link and one telephone line to dial.  The number of employees/colleagues who can join you is limited only by the size of your office or conference room.

When are webinars scheduled?  

FGI webinars are generally held Tuesdays at 2pm EST.  As our schedule is expanded we will offer additional times to accomodate our members in various time zones.   Please keep in mind, this is also based on the availability of our speakers.  
Are any sessions recorded? Select sessions will be recorded, and available for purchase to view at leisure. More details to follow!
What is the length of a typical webinar? Webinars are generally held from 2:00 p.m. – 2:55p.m. (Eastern Time).  Length may vary based upon topic.
Where can I find a list of upcoming webinars?

Visit www.fgi.org/webinars for our calendar. Please know our schedule is subject to possible change based on our policies and agreements.

What is the cost of a webinar? Fees are usually $20.00 for members in good standing. Non members are $45.00.   Payment is due in advance. Contact FGI for fee information - Trish Maffei, pmaffei@fgi.org or 212-302-5511 ext 4.

What happens once I am registered?  

Once registered and your payment goes through you will receive a confirmation email the same day with links with how to join the meeting.

In addition, you will receive the following email reminders:

- a week before the session

- a day before the session

- one hour before the session

Please check your spam and junk mail folders for these confirmations.

What if I don’t receive the confirmation emails?

Please check your internet security settings if it is your personal computer or contact your technical administrator.  Due to your firewall settings on your computer, messages sent from the www.anymeeting.com, may be delayed and blocked. On our end, we cannot do anything it depends on your PC settings.

Who do I contact if I experience technical difficulties? If you experience any difficulties connecting to the audio or Internet portions of webinar, please email Donnella Tilery, trainer.webinar@fgi.org (who will respond within 24 hours).
What additional technical information do I need if I am a first time user?  

Conferencing is fully web-based and does not requre any additional software.

Can you offer any additional troubleshooting options?  

Yes, please try these options:

  • Clear your browser’s cache.

  • Close all unneeded applications, and run ONLY the browser supporting the meeting.

  • Disable pop up blockers.

  • Disable any chat applications that might distract you or pop up into your meeting window.