Future of Fashion | A Scholarship Competition

A note to faculty and students:

During this unprecedented time, we hope that each of you are doing well surrounding the recent updates of COVID-19.  

Thank you for your feedback and questions over the past few months regarding the FGI Scholarship Competition.  We're excited to receive all entries that have been arriving at the FGI Dallas office.

Friendly reminder, the deadline for apparel and merchandising entries is this Friday, July 24 at 5:00 pm.  

Please forward this message to your students as a reminder and reference.

Following is a refresher regarding key points about the competition and its requirements:
  • Entrants must be sponsored by a college/university and be enrolled at a two or four-year institution in a fashion program. 
  • Competition entry fees are: $10 per garment and $10 per digital merchandising entry.
  • Students must pay entry fee prior to submission of competition entries and deadline on July 24. 
  • Visit Eventbrite to pay entry fees.
  • Students are limited to 4 total entries: apparel & merchandising combined and 1 entry per category. Examples: 4 garments; or 3 garments, plus 1 digital merchandising. 
  • Entries must be current school projects and not have won any prior FGI scholarship awards.
  • Judging will take place by our esteemed judging panel on August 8th; announcement of winners will be sent by email to each college and posted on the FGI of Dallas website. 
  • For competition requirements and entry forms visit:  https://fgischolarship.org/registration/forms/ . 
  • Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fgischolarship/notifications/for up-to-date information.
Please contact us by email if you have any further questions.  

We will do our absolute best to find the answers for you as quickly as possible.  Stay healthy and safe.
Thank you for your patience!

Rhonda Sargent Chambers - FGI of Dallas Regional Co-Director and Scholarship Competition Coordinator
Charmaine Marshall - Scholarship Competition Co-Chairperson
Edward Franco - Scholarship Competition Co-chairperson
 2020 Scholarship Competition

1. Do I need an instructor's signature for my apparel entry form?
    Yes, an instructor's signature is required on each entry to verify that your entry is        supported by your school.

2. How can I get my instructor's signature considering COVID-19 executive orders? 
     Scan and send an Apparel Design Competition form or the Merchandising and               Business Planning entry form via email to your instructor or take a picture of your       completed form and send it to your instructor by cell phone.  The instructor can           sign with an Adobe PDF digital signature or print the page, manually sign it, and           return to the student by email or text message.  The student will need to print the       form, place it in a clear vinyl liner, and safety pin it to the garment.
3. On the section of the Apparel entry form that talks about fiber content, how do I       calculate approximate content percentage?
     List content for shell and lining. Trim content is not needed (e.g., Shell 100% poly,         Lining 95% poly/ 5% spandex).

4. Should the FGI Dallas Affidavit be completed by all students entering the                    competition?
    Only those students who receive an award will need to complete the affidavit.

5. Can a friend, student or teacher deliver garments to FGI?
     Yes, a friend, fellow student, parent or teacher are welcome to deliver garment             entries on behalf of the competition participant. An appointment must be                     scheduled in advance on Sign Up Genius for delivery.

6. How do I safely deliver garments to FGI?
    It is mandatory for everyone to wear a mask when delivering garments.  Your                garment should be secured in a garment bag or container.

7. Will students need to enter the Dallas Market Center (DMC) when delivering               garment entries to FGI?
     No, students will not enter the DMC building.  Garment drop-off is managed                 outside with Roshawnda Foster in front of the Trade Mart
     (2100 N. Stemmons Frwy., Dallas, 75207) underneath the red fa
çade at a                       scheduled appointment time using Sign Up Genius .

8. When are garment entry fees due?
    Garment entry fees are due before or on the deadline of July 24 at 5:00 pm.                  Garments received without an entry fee will not be considered.  Visit Eventbrite to 
    pay garment entry fees.

9. How will the Paris American Academy Couture Award be handled with the travel      restrictions because of COVID-19?
    This award is for Spring 2021 or Fall 2021 depending on the travel situation.

10. Do the technical flats need to be in full color?
      Color is optional.

11. Whom at FGI Dallas do I call should I have any questions?
       Contact Roshawnda Foster, FGI Dallas Executive Assistant at                                               fgidallas.office@gmail.com and by phone (214) 634-0204.