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ROBIN REPORTS - by Robin Lewis

1)  Titanic Sinking Saga: Will It Never End?    

Sears... get a strategy, please!! Continually moving those deck chairs will not work. A test here, a test there, but with no big-picture vision about where or how the brand needs to position itself. Sears Grand sounds ......                                   

2)  Kohl's On A Roll

And, that’s not a bagel.   Coming off of a record year with 2005 sales of $13.4 billion, up 14.5% from 2004, and with net earnings climbing 19.7% to $842 million, and comp-store sales up 3.4%, Kohl’s announced an explosive beginning to the new year with first-quarter net income soaring 34.1%, to $167.2 million, from $124.7 million a year ago.....

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Robin Lewis is a strategic analyst and consultant, specializing in analyzing, interpreting, forecasting and identifying strategic growth opportunities for major corporations in the retail and related consumer products industries. In addition to ROBIN REPORTS, he frequently delivers business strategy and industry forecasting speeches to a wide range of industry trade organizations, company board and annual meetings, and company management and sales meetings. He also writes speeches for senior business executives. Most recently VP and Executive Editor of Women's Wear Daily and originator of Fairchild's Strategic Information Services, he also held executive positions in strategic planning, business development, and brand and marketing management at DuPont, Collins & Aikman, Grey Advertising, and the VF Corporation.